Creatics Circle Members

Creatics Circle is an empowering community of Picture The Possibilities (PTP) alumni and leadership committed to furthering their creative powers, and helping each other and PTP thrive, grow and create. A member of this circle is called a “Creatic” and exemplifies PTP’s 7 Powers of Creating process. Annual Creatics Awards (mentoring, financial and more) presented at the PTP Summit, will support, nourish and aid Creatics’ dreams and creations.

Paula Luz Gomez Arce

Athenna Crosby

Justyne Greenlaw

Alexis Joel Ponce Hernandez

Trey Lutton

Amber Panduro

Tiara Rowson

Fatoumata Sall




Halfdan Hussey
Co-Founder & Director

Kathleen J. Powell
Co-Founder & President

Marcela Villegas Castañón
Manager, Picture The Possibilities