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What Is Picture The Possibilities?

What Is Picture The Possibilities?

Empowering global youth to create their visions.

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Billionaires. Leaders. Parents. Do teens have anything worth listening to?

PTP Show

PTP Show, Episode One

Cinequest Picture the Possibilities Show Episode One: "Dreaming of the Sweet Life".

PTP Summit

Picture The Possibilities Overview

Picture your dreams. Discover how to create them. Connect and share with leaders and youth.


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Watch the videos that have already begun to transform communities and ignite change throughout the world.

PTP Online Version

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Creatics Circle

Creatics Circle is an empowering community of Picture The Possibilities (PTP) alumni and leadership committed to furthering their creative powers and helping each other and PTP thrive.
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Picture the Possibilities Donations

Picture The Possibilities (PTP) empowers global youth with the tools and inspiration to form and create their dreams from art to science--regardless of their situation and challenges.
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7 Powers Of Creating

7 Powers of Creating shows the process of creating anything from art to innovation, business to personal. Learn More >


Listen to the voices of our youth
and of our supports working together in this transformative movement.

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