Fatoumata Sall

Fatoumata Sall
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What I love doing: I love participating in many activities and programs such as swimming, fencing, Tai Kwon Do and Goju Karate, as well as STEAM and STEM programs.

What I want to be in the future: I will become an environmental engineer in order to go back to Africa where I was born and help the environment and the people. I love helping people and making the world better.

What I want to create in my life: I want to create a program where there will be a great foundation and a well-adjusted focus that will help third world countries and teach their workers the value that we each hold in our world. I want to show people the importance of personal growth and leadership.

I also want to create a book/journal for myself, to keep record of the journey I am taking to become a karate master since there are not many female art masters