Los Angeles

The City of Angels will fly on the wind of change through the voices of its youth.

  • Right Here Among Us - An inspirational portrait of leadership transforming traumatized lives. Homeboy Industry paves the way to a brighter future. Built on the philosophy “Nothing stops a bullet like a job," watch this organization’s remarkable success in helping gang members through compassion and work.

    Right Here Among Us

  • Don't Push Me - Bullies use any way they can to put their victims down, but a heartfelt compliment from one friend can send a life on a positive detour.

    Don't Push Me

  • Girl Trash - "We do not inherit the earth...we borrow it from our children." - Native American proverb

    Girl Trash

Los Angeles Participants

  • Bryan Garcia Image
  • Caleb Lewis Image
  • Chanel Todd Image
  • Cristian Chinchilla Image
  • Deandrea Rowe Image
  • Jeffrey Juarez Image
  • Jose Garcia Image
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  • Kei-Arri Mcgruder Image
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Los Angeles Photos

  • Los Angeles - Group Shot
  • Los Angeles - Group Expo
  • Los Angeles - Group Class
  • Los Angeles - Franklin Leonard