Picture The Possibilities. Picture It. Create It!

Picture The Possibilities (PTP) empowers global youth with the tools, confidence, and inspiration to form and create their dreams from art to science--driving an optimal future. PTP provides youth with the following opportunities and creative power:

  • In PTP City Sessions youth experience the 7 Powers of Creating program that teaches them how to create anything from art to science. They practice this power by making films (with mentors) on content vital to global youth. Seeing how to bring a picture from nothing into reality, they can then apply this creative process to other areas of their lives and dreams. PTP also creates personal profiles on each participant sharing their stories and dreams with the world.
  • PTP Annual Summits: Creativity is equally important to innovators and scientists as it is to artists. At PTP Summits, global youth connect with luminaries to share their films and stories and empower each other and our future. The PTP Summit celebrates and fosters the creative force of science, technology and art.
  • PTP Virtual (hosted on the Creatics platform) provides global, ongoing experience of PTP 7 Powers of Creating curriculum, videos, book, activities, contests, community, and opportunities. Participation in PTP Introductory Activities wins youth admittance into the PTP Circle where members get exclusive invitations to monthly livestream presentations and community interactions on Gather.Town*, plus badges, workshops, summits, mentoring, forums, and fun celebrations of creativity. Access is free. 

Through its work and growing legacy of empowerment, Cinequest was noticing that entrepreneurs, technologists, and artists shared a capacity to take a vision and make it real. Cinequest decided to add a division to help global youth, from all walks of life, picture a possibility and then create it. PTP Stage 1 focussed on in-person City Sessions and Annual Summits. Recently, a scalable virtual PTP experience has been designed and implemented on our sister online platform, Creatics. Please watch Story of Cinequest which includes what is PTP.

A host of distinguished partners fuels this engine of creativity, including: Kaiser Permanente, The Hearst Foundations, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Southwest Airlines, Capital Group, Hewlett Packard Workstations, Google, The Morrison & Foerster Foundation, Adobe, Seagate, Litepanels, Cisco, Midpeninsula Community Media Center, Audio-Technica, Liquid Agency, Eddie Lira, GlideCam, Brett Company, CreaTV, Rhino Camera Gear, Manfrotto, Red Giant.

Vision and Goals

Picture The Possibilities by Cinequest empowers youth to voice their reality, picture a desired future or dream, and access their capacity to make that dream real. It empowers, inspires, and gives an opportunity for improved lives and an improved world forged from the powers of creativity and innovation.

What members are saying

“I know that the work you (PTP participants) have done is already changing people’s lives and inspiring people and making them think of things that they maybe have not thought of in certain ways before.”

— Eric Darnell, DreamWorks Director, Madagascar

“Sometimes I am a little shy but at the same time inside I feel like I can do anything, this has helped with my self-esteem.”

— Amani Kapuya, East Palo Alto Participant

“When you come to understand that the way you can help yourself is by helping everybody else— you realize that, when you help other people, you develop yourself as a person.”

— Athenna Crosby, East Palo Alto Participant

“Cinequest has inspired me to inspire other people.”

— Fatoumata Sall, New York Participant

“Congratulations on this successful and wonderful event! We're so glad to see you all and it's really exciting to share ideas with people across the oceans! Thanks for your efforts to make this happen and provide a platform for young people to express themselves!”

— Hebe Yin, PRC Education Programs Corporate Affairs Group Intel China Ltd.

“Definitely after doing this program you are much more aware of what’s out there. You have the opportunity to see that there is a real world and that there is something you can do about it”

— Erik Ortega, East Side College Preparatory Participant

“Thank you for helping me learn how to express my true self. I learned that with a little help and courage you can do everything. You inspire me to inspire others in my community.”

— Shannon Cardona, New York Participant

"CINEQUEST empowers EVERYONE...... The students and the staff from Central Park East Middle School in Harlem, New York are honored to have work with this FABULOUS ORGANIZATION. We will never be the same after the wonderful "JOURNEY" you took us on. Picturing the possibilities... CINEQUEST you gave our young people the opportunity to take their words on paper and make it real …through the lens of a camera. CINEQUEST you took them on a GLOBAL JOURNEY without ever getting on a plane. You showed them that their vision(s) can now be seen worldwide. Cinequest you made it POSSIBLE for them to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of EVERYONE around the world! And for that I THANK YOU!"

— Ms. Terri Miles, SPINS 4 Coordinator