“CINEQUEST empowers EVERYONE...... The students and the staff from Central Park East Middle School in Harlem, New York are honored to have work with this FABULOUS ORGANIZATION. We will never be the same after the wonderful "JOURNEY" you took us on. Picturing the possibilities... CINEQUEST you gave our young people the opportunity to take their words on paper and make it real …through the lens of a camera. CINEQUEST you took them on a GLOBAL JOURNEY without ever getting on a plane. You showed them that their vision(s) can now be seen worldwide. Cinequest you made it POSSIBLE for them to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of EVERYONE around the world! And for that I THANK YOU!”
- Ms. Terri Miles, SPINS 4 Coordinator

“Thank you for helping me learn how to express my true self. I learned that with a little help and courage you can do everything. You inspire me to inspire others in my community.”
- Shannon Cardona, New York Participant

“Definitely after doing this program you are much more aware of what’s out there. You have the opportunity to see that there is a real world and that there is something you can do about it”
- Erik Ortega, East Side College Preparatory Participant

“Congratulations on this successful and wonderful event! We're so glad to see you all and it's really exciting to share ideas with people across the oceans! Thanks for your efforts to make this happen and provide a platform for young people to express themselves!”
- Hebe Yin, PRC Education Programs Corporate Affairs Group Intel China Ltd.

“Cinequest has inspired me to inspire other people.”
- Fatoumata Sall, New York Participant

“When you come to understand that the way you can help yourself is by helping everybody else— you realize that, when you help other people, you develop yourself as a person.”
- Athenna Crosby, East Palo Alto Participant

“Sometimes I am a little shy but at the same time inside I feel like I can do anything, this has helped with my self-esteem.”
- Amani Kapuya, East Palo Alto Participant

“I know that the work you (PTP participants) have done is already changing people’s lives and inspiring people and making them think of things that they maybe have not thought of in certain ways before.”
- Eric Darnell, DreamWorks Director, Madagascar

“The guys up here (on stage) inspire me to help remove any barriers that are out there. So never stop dreaming never stop believing in yourself and remember you can make the world awesome.”
- Mike Jones, Senior Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of The Peninsula

"I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am very grateful for the great opportunity you brought to my two older teens this past week. I welcome this unique and special opportunity for them to grow, and develop responsibilities. Please let Mr. Halfdan know also of our gratitude, and to both and PTP to let us know how can we help you in the future. Thank you again, and thank you for the good example to all those young adults."
- Most Sincerely, Aida T. Crosby, Alston and Athenna Crosby, Mom

"I just want to say thank you for the opportunity you gave to my daughter Melanie Lopez to participate in your summer program. She was very happy and learned a lot."
- Trini Lopez

"Trey and his Cinequest Picture the Possibilities team. What a fabulous program. THANK YOU Kathleen Powell for making this all possible. I am very grateful and can't wait to see the final result!"
- Kathi Lutton

"THIS PARTICULAR program (PTP) is one of the many ways which this country is and will improve and become a better, safer and more magnificent place. I’m thrilled and overjoyed that your family is taking part in this program!"
- Michael P. Williams